– Kroger Feedback Survey

About Kroger stores

Kroger is essentially American which is an extremely effective chain of food retailers. Bernard Kroger was the creator of-the string. It was founded in 1883 and supplies a range of products including  adult drinks, baby items, deli and bakery, entertainment & games, flowers, fresh produce, health & beauty and much more. If you haven’t already visited a Kroger store then why not visit them online at where you can see a full list of products, weekly ad deals, online pharmacy, join in the Kroger community and so much more!

If you have recently visited a Kroger store and would like to express your feedback to the company then here is your chance, it’s a great way to tell the company how they are doing and if you were satisfied during your visit. For taking a few minutes out of your time to complete the survey, you can enter the Kroger sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 Kroger gift card.

To begin with the Tell Kroger feedback survey, you must have a PC or mobile device connected to the Internet and a valid receipt from your most recent purchase from a Kroger store.. from there we will guide you the simple steps on how to complete the Kroger survey below;

  1. Visit the official Kroger survey website at
  2. Select your language
  3. Enter the time and date of your visit, the terminal number, operator number, and digit of the store.
  4. Answer all required questions as honest as possible.
  5. Complete with your information if you wish to join the sweepstakes for your chance to win the $100 Kroger gift card.

As outlined above, it’s really simple to get started with the Tell Kroger customer survey, and with the possibility of winning a $100 gift card, we feel it’s well worth it!

92 Responses to – Kroger Feedback Survey

  1. Carnie says:

    Good service

    • mary bowman says:

      My service was great but the coupon from your king sooper coupon site did not
      ring up. Also I was told I would earn 50 bonus points for filling out this survey and
      don’t see that mentioned. my entry ID was 620-272-80-73-17-97

    • sandy devine says:

      Kroger is my go to store, service is good quality of meat is excellent. prices are reasonable. It is always clean and always have what Iam looking for.

  2. franklin barranco says:

    buen servicio

  3. janet says:

    everyone is always so nice an knows where every thing about the store

  4. naomi holland says:

    thanks for the good place to shop.

  5. Barbara D. West says:

    Today a friend & I shopped at Kroger’s as we are senior citizens for the 5% discount and the checkout clerk showed us on our receipts about earning 50 bonus fuel points by visiting which I tried several times without results. My friend uses my computer as she does not have one. Can you register us so we can get the bonus fuel points or explain why I cannot get it. My card last 4 nos. are 3059 todays date is 8/20/13, time 12:46 pm and entry ID:029-323-125-391-9-134. Her name is:
    Carol Smith – her last 4 nos. are 2796 todays date 8/20/13,time 12:43 pm and entry ID:029-412-124-391-9-133. THANK YOU

  6. John Peters says:

    Due to diabetes I need to drink juices with no sugar or a sugar substitute. In your Food-4-Less stores you only have limited choices for diet drinks. The only one you have are cran-pomegrant Ocean Spray juice. A few more would be appreciated instead of diet sodas.

  7. gary holden says:

    I like to shop at kroger stores . And i shop because i am a senior and get the 5% off on wed but i dont shop at the pharmacy because you dont give points for fuel for medicare part D and i thank it stinks people on food stamps get points why not people on part D it is not wright i have to pay for my meds. so i thank i should get the points my money is as good as the rest of the costumers .thanks Gary Holden

  8. Mae Aycock says:

    I tried to fill out the survey tonight, using the information on today’s sale receipt, and was unable to fill in the blanks on the very small, difficult to read, survey form. I think the web site is not functioning as it should. I would like to receive the bonus fuel points, if I could only pull up the proper form.

    I hope you will be able to correct the problem with the web site.


    Mae aycock

  9. Jerry Mitchell says:

    I tried to post my comments for the survey for the extra fuel points. Can’t seem to find the right place to do it. My ID :018-122-24-456-11-36 Cashier was Lakisha.

  10. joy ford says:

    good place to shop

  11. Deanna says:

    I too was unsuccessful doing he survey for the gift card and fuel points entry ID 660-61-75-36-82-157. If nothing happens I will know it is all just BS.

  12. lisa says:

    we do our shopping at Kroger on western ave their worker r so helpful and kind and fast went we check out. if we have a question about something they r there to help us out. the pharmacy dept explain everything we need to know about our med. all employee keep up the good work

  13. Pam Cochran says:

    Good Service friendly people

  14. Russell Kelim says:

    Great service to all ID—-Entry ID 620-242-103-1-16-119

  15. Carol says:

    Krogerfeedback .com does not work.

  16. Nidia Murillo Reina says:

    Los trabajadores son muy amistosos y atententos,eso le ayuda a una a hacer las comprs rapido y encontrr lo que qiere comprar

  17. gwen clifford says:

    good servcie entry id: 701-343-97-41-171-258

  18. D Thengvall says:

    Last week I answered your survey. I did not get the 50 extra fuel points added to my card. Please correct this. My number is 420140767401. Thank y

  19. V. Rowland says:

    I’ve been trying to enter your new fuel point contest and the address doesn’t provide a submit or a survey form. My id # is 025-321-70-435-65-135. The service at Kroger in Murray Ky is always great. Love that store.

  20. Allen Houser says:

    I did not receive 5 Bonus Fuel Points! I took the survey on 08/26/13

    Information on receipt:
    Date: 08/24/13
    Time: 11:57 A.M.
    Entry ID: 029-341-38-328-81-119

    My card #: 429019977828

    Please add 50 Fuel Bonus Points to my account.

    Thank you!

  21. Beverly Saum says:

    Love the fuel points promotion!
    This is an excellent program that has saved me hundreds of dollars through the years.
    The associates at Kroger make grocery shopping much more pleasurable. The associates are very friendly and helpful.
    Keep up the good work!

  22. Jerry Follrod says:

    Krogers at London is the best. Always ready to help customers at a minutes notice.
    But not always easy to reach the survey site. Date of shopping 8/23/13 @1230 pm
    ID number : 016-244-45-388-8-53

  23. Marilyn Hughes and Bill West says:

    Service was fine but ID:701-341-11-281-8-19
    unable to put through.

  24. CAG says:

    Cannot figure out where to go for survey to get 50 fuel points. Please advise.

    • DIANN ADAMS says:


      • Juanita C. Plybon says:

        LENA was so Sweet, Kind and Helpful to me at Checkout yesterday at Westlake Kroger Store.
        I am always very Pleased with Smiling Faces and eagerness to help by all employees there.

      • JoAnn Frederick says:

        I cannot register for the 50 fuel points – I have tried for two days, But it seems that I am nota the only one to have this trouble. Please help.

  25. Betty Hall says:

    I tried to do the feedback survey, couldn’t take the survey because information wasn’t what the survey ask for, I’ve been doing the survey— for aleast 18 month’s/have never won anything and now can’t even register!!!!! ID#011-422-101-583-9-110!!!!!!! What a racket and I just spent $361.63 at your store this morning.

  26. sandy preston says:

    Picked up RX’s today. Went to the website to fill out the survey for the extra bonus points. I got the time and date in and it would not take the id. The date is 8_28_13. The time: 3:52pm. The I’d: 014-352-60-946-66-126. If you can help I would appreciate it. I love my Kroger store in Cold Spring Ky 41071.Thanks, sandy

  27. carolyn breed says:

    my entry id is 034-121-83-746-8-91 kroger is my favorite store.i go there at least 5 days a week.hopefully this enters me in the bonus fuel points

  28. Marilyn Martiin says:

    Where’s the survey? My Entry ID :011-432-018-464-4-112

  29. Bonnette Ravenell says:

    Your website can not be found. I would like to say that our store in Commerce City, CO
    15051 E. 104th Ave #114, that the service is outstanding and the employees are always simile and making themselves available to all. It just makes me spend more money than I initially intended to do so. Great job!!! :) My Entry ID:620-142-90-114-8-98. Please fix this website. Thank you ( BR

  30. Robert L Robins,Jr. says:

    Entry ID: 704-695-139-306-8-147 thank you

  31. Treva Potter says:

    The service is always great… I cant seem to get into the website for the feedback and my free 50 fuel points so here is my information
    visited on 8/29-2013
    time- 1:55pm
    Entry ID– 660-241-110-21-8-118
    Thank you…
    please fix this website…. (
    Great Job employees……

  32. Debra Landis says:

    I tried several times to enter in a sweepstakes that you were giving a way and couldn’t find the survey#. I know I like Kroger and enjoy shopping at the one in Buckhannon WV 26201. I would like to see the store get a new update. I would like to see it expand. They get a lot of business and deserve the new look that some of the other stores are getting.
    Thank you
    Debra Landis

  33. Laura J. Juhasz says:

    Kroger is my home away from home! I get excellent deals and meet many people! Thank you for the special’s and the fun!!!

  34. charles conner says:

    I have used Kroger and so has our family. We have found the store to be clean.ALWAYS and the clerk are always very helpful. It really great to be able to look the items you can’t find We sometimes check the Meyer store nearby to make we are shopping at the right store and there is no comparison. So our store is krogers, its the best all around.

  35. Cheryl Baghernejad says:

    I would like to thank you for your employee Mark at the Brentwood store on Nolensville RD for helping me all these years. He knows my back is bad and carries out my things for me like water.He shows where things are, when I can’t find them and helps me ring my stuff up. at the self- serve register.I would like him to know how much his wonderful attitude means to me. I want to give him a gift certificate, if your company does not mind. Thank you so, so much.

  36. lee severa says:

    For years have used Kroger stores. still do and will continue, as good (or better) prices as anyone in Houston. The workers are always friendly and smiling/

  37. Sharon K. Hust says:

    I am trying to do the survey at 09/01/13 Time:12:25pm Entry ID: 025-322-56-388-6-62. 50 Bonus fuel points for sharing my feedback about my visit. Store courteous found good buys and good sale prices. Thank you, Sharon Hust

  38. Mary Jodzio says:

    I have shopped at Kroger on 2920 in Tomball for 14 years-the old one and the new location. Store 390 usually waiting for cashier Rita to check me out. She showed me the information on the receipt for the on line feedback. Could not find the survey. The last 6 digits on my senior card is 14911 6.

    Last receipt date is 9/02/13 time 10:12am entry # ID-034-341-51-390-8-59. Can I please have the points bonus. thanks

  39. Dollie M. Reed says:

    I am replying to the Kroger feedback survey.I have been a Kroger customer for many years in two states Georgia and Tennessee and I will always be a Kroger customer. I have not found another chain of stores anywhere that compairs to Kroger. I love your meat dept.It is always clean,and meat is always fresh I have never gotten any bad meats,and the prices are great. The produce outstanding it is always fresh and crispy. I love Kroger.

    Thank You,

    Dollie Reed

  40. Dollie M. Reed says:

    Time: 07: 32pm
    Entry: ID : 011-241-299-498-9-308

    I love Kroger ,I have been shopping at Kroger for many years .I just love your meat dept. it is always clean,and the meat is always fresh any plentiful. The produce dept. also has fresh veggies and friuts with a large verity.

    Thank You,


  41. Mia Sanchez says:

    Great service id 660-411-85-136-11-96

  42. Ervin Letson says:

    I am trying to do the survey for the extra 50 fuel points and can not locate the right place. My entry I.D. no. is 018-411-71-635-82-153. Our vist to the store was a good one found plenty of sales Thank you Ervin Letson

  43. William J Brown says:

    I’ve shopped at kroger for over 40 years and will for the next 40. My ID016-322-255-920-8-263.

  44. Rodney PLUMMER says:

    Verry small produce dept. Some prices hier than at the King Soopers I regerly shop at. At 4600 Leetsdale This coment is about the store at 3495 s. University

  45. marilyn walton says:

    I would like to take part in the survey not only to voice my opinion, but also to earn fuel points, but like so many other people, I could not access the survey form. My ID# is 025-242-38-452-3-41. My cashier was Suzeme. Thank you for your help

    • Geneva Barnett says:

      I can’t find anything since you have moved everything around,takes toomuch
      time tro find what I’m looking for.D9on’t know why you have to move things around.

  46. Ronnie Slate says:

    ID:034-272-131-256-4-135 site does not work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Barbara Kidman says:

    I have shopped with Kroger since moving to Virginia in 1979. I also know Smith’s in Utah are also part of Kroger. Thank you for your many years of service and I thank Par D for helping me today,

  48. Marianne Abrahamson says:

    Most recent Kroger stoe purchase:

    Date: 09/04/13

    Time: 08:49 am

    Entry ID: 024-362-24-714-7-31

  49. shirley wiseheart says:

    I,m trying to take the survey and can,t find the page I need. my 090-421-69-14-4-73

  50. Harriet T. Jennings says:

    I, too, would like to register to win the fuel points, I can’t find any place to do that!!! HELP!!! Why suggest we do these things if we can’t?????? The date of my shopping at Kroger was on Senior day, 9/4/13. Time 9:15 a.m.(I like to shop early on these days)
    My entry ID: 024=342-5-777-10-15

    Hope to receive some kind of answer soon.

  51. karen stinnette says:

    i like kroger products they are just as good as name brand. I’m in the store weekly and i’m satisfied. i have no complaints.

  52. Betsy Stivers says:

    I visited Kroger 9/6/13, at 8:23pm. I wanted to register for the 50 extra fuel points. My Id:024-261-118-777-10-128.

  53. Toni Rubin says:

    I never got to the survey! All you did was ask a lot of personal questions. Then you want a list of friends and family and their information. Well you wanted my opinion, here it is that was the worst survey I’ve ever seen. Go back to the drawing board. I’ll take my 50 points now!

  54. Claudia Tapia says:

    I love the store, the workers are very nice, very friendly, also I love the especials

    I love to visit the store, the workers are very nice, the prices are ok, some of them are a little high but I will buy them until they are in special , I love the vegetables , they are fresher then Walmart.
    I visit the store at least 6 times per week ,I live very , very close to it.

  55. Claudia Tapia says:

    I love to visit Fred Meyer, I love the fresh vegetable, the workers are very friendly and they help me to do my shopping very quick, I don’t have to wait on line for so long as I do in Walmart. ” Good job guys”.

  56. Ardinne H. Redd says:

    I love shopping at Krogers. The pharmacy has very reasonably prices

  57. Donna Weiler says:

    I shopped @Kroger in Bay City today and am trying to enter the fuel points bonus but can’t find the place to enter the info.

  58. Alice Taylor says:

    I’d like to respond to your invite on “ but was unable to reach that site. What’s up? My receipte ID # is: 029-343-35-536-10-45 Purchase was made at 1:43pm, 9/17/2013.

  59. terrill lepard says:

    my id 011-211-63-640-65-128 i need my 50 points

  60. millard hall says:

    I feel my money is mine! better in my pocket than Krogers, frankly this is one of the most costly grocery stores too shop, I garantee I can take 100.00 spend on grocerys at Kroger,and then take 100.00 spend at Aldi’s and get double the grocerys and as good quality or double your money back and their products are of good quilty because i was a truck driver and i pick up products from well name brand companys that also made goods for aldi’s just under thier name. thats the catch you pay for the name not necessarily the quilty and when you shop at Kroger, your paying even more for that name thats Krogers name. Its your money!

  61. Kathy Stirne says:

    Today is the 3rd Falcons game. My husband is a Emergency Room Dr. going on now 32 years. He likes to have Boars Head Sandwiches when he gets home on a sunday from a
    long day at work. Kroger is the best to take care of our needs Zyona took quick care of me so I could get on with all the things that make our family feel special after a long day of service to our needy mankind. This makes us re-charge our battery’s to go back and do more.

  62. Peggy (Bobby) Sampson says:

    I was to get 50 bonus fuel points from Columbia, TN, Kroger store on James Campbell Blvd., Could not get thru on web site. My info is Date 9-16-13, Time: 04:17pm; Entry ID: 024-441-115-507-66-181 Tomorrow will be too late. Can you help me get these extra fuel points for month of September. Website was I have tried several times.

  63. Leslie Fleck says:

    Most fill out survey for the advertised 50 points. I don’t see anywhere to list the entry I.D. I shop Krogers because of locality, past knowledge from parents, sales, and support for the local neighborhood. There are cheaper stores around, which I also do go to from time to time. Krogers is clean, friendly people and most are local.

  64. Mackie Carson says:

    I enjoy trading with Kroger. Buy all my prescriptions and food items at Kroger mainly because of the the fuel points. I have been informed recently that we no longer get 50 points for our prescriptions. So Sad. I have been trying for over 30 minutes to fill out your fuel point survey and have not been successful. Why do you make it so difficult? My Entry ID: 011-242-42-420-66-108.

  65. Ean says:

    My receipt does not work either. This is wrong on so many levels. And we pay the price by doing bisiness with you and losing gas points. THANKS KROGER

  66. Tom McCollum says:

    Like several other people on here, can’t find place to enter information.
    date: 09/27/13
    time: 07:10 pm
    entry ID: 014-242-114-920-67-181
    Now, lets see if anyone from Krogers looks at this….

  67. Margretta Smith says:

    I visited Kroger Hyde Park on 9/27/13 @ 5:29pm entry ID 014-141-295-355-297. I wish to receive or earn 50 point bonus points and be entered to win one of 100 gift card or $5,000.00 gift card grand prize. My comment is that I like Kroger’s as my main grocery store. I do notice that the deli has changed, not being able to get some lunch meat items that are not longer available( which is fine for me, but my husband can’t get). And I can no longer redeem a lot of my coupons, because you have stopped stocking the items. With that said I still am a Kroger shopper.

  68. christine dennis says:

    I love shopping and saving money every time i visit the store
    my entry id is 029-261-213-532-7-220

    date of visit 9/30/13

  69. Charlotte Chesser says:

    I have nothing but good things to say about your store in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The workers there are always kind and considerate and very helpful in every way, and always go that extra mile. There is one cashier in particular, Helen, she always has a smile on her face and will carry on a conversation as she works, to make you feel at home. I not only save on food but also on gasoline and I greatly appreciate it…Thank you Kroger for having such outstanding stores and workers.
    My entry ID is…024-311-84-913-9-93

  70. Peggy Lee says:

    As many others–I havenot been able to for my servay and 50 free fuel points –please add them to my card—-My purchase on-oct.2-13—my entry #-660-341-48-138-4-52 thank you Peggy Lee– let me know on my account or by e-mail

  71. Angela Harris says:

    I have been shopping at Kroger for many years. I have allways been pleased with the products and the customer service. I will continue to shop at Kroger of Gallatin, TN.

  72. L Conner says:

    Received feedback card from associate to earn 50 fuel points. Went to Very user unfriendly and useless.

  73. Mary Rowell says:




    I also can’t get into website for my 50 fuel bonus points, hope you can help.
    Thank you

  74. MaryLou Buck says:

    I do not see where I can claim my 50 fuel points
    my entra ID:014-242-25-754-67-92

    the receipt says that I have 7 days to claim my points
    Please add this to my card. This receipt was dated 10/06/13

  75. Sharon Jumper says:

    NOT userfriendly. Is this another GIMMICK? Website sends me all around the web

  76. Frankie Lee says:

    Trying to apply for 50 bonus fuel points my ID# is 011-321-217-464-3-220 please add this to my card.

  77. Gena Cates says:

    Continually unable to access site for fuel points. Why have this offer if customer is continually unable to access site????
    Please credit points
    Purchase made 10/11/13 10:25 am
    Entry ID 025-252-35-344-2-37

  78. DENNIS VENSON says:

    ID 011 -411-98-245-8-106 NICE STORE TO SHOP AT.

  79. patricia doyle says:

    I enjoy shopping at Kroger. I went in that day to buy ground chuck to make taco soup and I came out with $67.21. I don’t buy my meat any place but Kroger’s.

  80. Marvis Fryer says:

    TODAY IS OCT 29, LAST DAY I CAN ENTER FOR 50 FUEL PTS. CAN’T GET REGISTERED. HERE’S: INFO: 10/23/13 4:28 PM 870 8 62 973 ID 011-222-62-870-8-70

  81. peggy Lee says:

    this is the most impossible way to to contact with my info to recieve my 50 fuel points!! please put them on m card!! from my visit on 11 22 13–my entry id is-660 -314-36-138-6-40 was11;04 am. tucson az. thank you!!

  82. Carole Bishop says:

    I have not been able to get to the survey for the 50 bonus fuel points.
    I don’t want to get involved in all the other stuff, just the 50 bonus fuel points!
    My entry ID: 701-695-19-464-6-25
    Purchase made on 9-20-13.

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