– IHOP Feedback Survey

IHOP is requesting customers to bring an on-line survey to assist enhance client relationships at IHOP locations nationwide. The study is obtainable in English or Espanol and is driven by Mindshare Technologies. After picking the desired language you’ll be asked to enter the survey code which is located on your receipt from IHOP.

The survey should take less than-a 5 minutes-to complete and your suggestions are greatly appreciated. For taking part in the survey, you will receive a free coupon code to use on your next visit to IHOP.

About IHOP

IHOP is a favorite eatery that specializes in Pancakes. If you desire Pancakes these got have them! It is suggested that you come starving because you’re planning to go away joyful. The International Home of Pancakes (now identified just as IHOP) was started in 1958 by Jerry Lapin, ‘s Lapin, and Albert Kallis with the aid of-a handful of buddies named Bill Kaye and Sherwood Rosenberg. Even though the break fast things are their breads and butter they also provide lunch and restaurant options.

It’s quick and simple to get started with the survey, so let us show you below;

  • Visit the official Ihop survey website at
  • Select your language (English or Espanol) and click Next.
  • Enter the survey code found on your receipt and click Next to continue.
  • Answer all required questions as honest as possible.
  • Receive your free IHOP coupon to use on your next visit.

One Response to – IHOP Feedback Survey

  1. Zeke Bittner says:

    code 1039071826525 Very unhappy with my last visit to your ihop. On 7/18/03 my wife and I had breakfast there, she ordered a Jr WWBI Pan and I ordered th just the pan cakes on your combo special for 4.99. When we got our check we found she had charged us wrong. She corrected my wifes order to write price of 3.99. When I pointed out that I had ordered the just the pancakes special for 4.99 she argued with me telling me I had ordered something else. When I pointed out in the menu and showed her she continued to argue and would not correct it. She charged me 8.59 for 4 pancakes. This overcharge cost me an extra 3.60 plus tax. I do not think this server knows her menu and she got defensive when I called her on It. Her actions were very unprofesional and rude. It will be a very long time before we go back there again. This ihop is located in Sioux Falls s.d. 4510 W41st St.

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