– Regal Customer Survey

After getting a film at-a Regal Cinema be sure to take part in the Regal feedback survey for your chance to win a $100 Regal Gift card. The survey should take up to several minutes to complete and you will need an entry code from-the customer receipt to start. is driven by the Support Management Team and you’ll have 1 week to total the survey from the time-of purchase.

About Regal

This well-known movie theatre chain was set up in 1989 and it is centered out of Knoxville Tennessee. The Regal Amusement Group owns and manages over 550 places in 42 states. The business also has procedures in Guam, Saipan, American Samoa and the Area of Columbia. The business are available on the Ny Stock Trade under ticker symbol RGC.

It’s really easy to get started with the survey so let us show you below;

  • Visit the official Regal survey website at
  • Locate your receipt and enter the access code printed on your survey invitiation, and click Start to begin.
  • Continue to answer all required questions as honest as possible.
  • Enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win a $100 Regal gift card.

Regal appreciate your continued support and value your comments.

5 Responses to – Regal Customer Survey

  1. Celing Leilany Castro Fogata says:

    The best part about watching a movie at the Theaters is that the screen is huge to see every part of the movie. It gets even more exciting when you go with friends and watched it with other people. Reasons why i love going to the movies watching its everyone’s money worth.

  2. gayle saf says:

    typed in my access code & read that the info wasn”t complete;it was the code on my ticket stub

  3. scott dickey says:

    I like it when every body laughs together. It was a very good time

  4. Dee Anne Davidson says:

    Tonight I saw the movie “The Butler”I started crying and had to leave. That this was my country that treated people that way. I was sickend.. And I am not black.

  5. shirley marion says:

    I had a free movie ticket ,from the win free movies, yet I was charged $1.50 for my ticket on Nov.22th …never had that to happen before. why was that????? Also you could save a lot of money on just “SALT” they put way to much in the popcorn…..

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